The vaccine WORKS! Help make New Hampshire healthier!

COVID-19 numbers are on the rise in the Granite State and New Hampshire is now leading the nation in new COVID-19 cases per capita. 

  • The State of NH has reported that there are 22,750 active COVID-19 cases in New Hampshire as of January 13. 
  • In the last week, there has been an average of 2,754 COVID cases per day. 
  • We know that vaccines work and we want to ensure that business owners, nonprofits and health care facilities have all the tools at their disposal to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Sign the petition to encourage your state legislators to work towards a healthier New Hampshire!

We believe that private businesses and health care organizations, now more than ever, need flexibility to protect the health of their employees, customers and patients. This is not only sound health care policy, but it’s the New Hampshire way.
Certain bills in the New Hampshire legislature would take away that freedom, and instead have the government decide.
Please sign this petition and help us oppose legislation that would take away the right of businesses and other organizations to determine their COVID-19 vaccine policies.
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