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person receiving the COVID-19 vaccination shot

Believe it or not, the pandemic isn't over yet.

In fact, current case rates are as high as they were during the initial spread of the virus with no signs of slowing down.

The Healthy 603 Coalition seeks to work with lawmakers and the general public to make informed decisions about how the state of New Hampshire will handle its continuing fight against COVID-19.

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We believe that private businesses and health care providers, now more than ever, need flexibility to protect the health of their employees, customers and patients. This is not only sound health care policy, but it’s the New Hampshire way.


Certain bills presently or potentially up for consideration would take away that flexibility, and undermine a business or health care provider’s ability to decide what policies they determine is best for them, their employees and customers or patients.


Please sign this petition and help us oppose legislation that would take away the right of businesses and other organizations to determine their own COVID-19 vaccine policies.

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