COVID’s result: Serious ripple effects

December 19, 2021

New Hampshire Union Leader | Editorials

A New Hampshire colleague whose father suffers from a serious chronic health condition needed to be hospitalized earlier this month. He had to wait in the emergency room. He needed to be admitted, and eventually was — after a day and a half. The reason: COVID-19. The ER was being slammed with people with symptoms of the virus and needed immediate attention.

“I am sick of covid too,” our colleague tweeted, “but please take precautions for people like my dad. Is it really such a burden to throw on a mask in Market Basket? There are walk-in vax clinics open today. Our system is overburdened and we must do our part. Let’s do this for each other, NH.”

Speaking of the virus and New Hampshire, we were pleasantly surprised to hear Gov. Chris Sununu’s press conference last week being broadcast live by New Hampshire Public Radio. We had recently faulted the public radio station for joining WMUR-TV in no longer carrying the informational briefings by Sununu and public health officials. We hope NHPR continues the live coverage. We don’t know what TV9 is up to.